Women & Gaia: Sacred Women's Retreats with Nature, Ritual & Transformational Yoga 

A spiral of retreats for women created with love & spirit

by Suzy Saunders and Jane Alexander

Our women's retreats harness the energy of the cycle of the year to create love, transformation and support women.


Each retreat is entirely unique, and with the energy of the Earth, the mystery of the moment, and the women who come, a beautiful space of trust and unfolding is woven.

The wonderful accommodation, food and land at Sunny Brow is a perfect container for these retreats, as it holds and nourishes each woman.  

Our retreats use yoga, meditation techniques, ritual, ceremony, sound and holistic treatments and draw from Suzy and Jane's wide ranging skill sets and experience.





































Gaia Yoga & the Sacred Feminine

Spring Equinox 

A sacred blend of nature, ritual and transformational yoga for women. 

4pm Friday March 20th to
10am Monday March 23rd 2020
at Sunny Brow Farm

Retreat Price £425
includes accommodation, meals and all sessions.

Join us for a long weekend retreat filled with yoga, massage and ceremonies to connect with Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine 


Open your body, heart and breath to the unique nourishment of the Spring.  Invite in a spirit of rebirth and new growth. Harness this wisdom at this powerful time of year where light and dark come into balance.


Honour the Equinox, find space for you, and step into your authentic feminine.



Women & Gaia: Awakening Love

Next retreat: March 20th - 23rd 2020

Cost £425

Come & celebrate with us in the fullness of the year.

Allow the sacred heart of your womanhood
to flow into your body.
Call to the magic of the creativity within.
Fall into Divine love and let it carry you home.

Expect sound baths, healing bodywork, ceremony, yoga and spaces to connect with Source.
Join us as we fall into deepest love.



Gaia Yoga & the Sacred Feminine
Autumn Equinox Retreat.

A sacred Blend of nature, ritual and transformational yoga for women. 

 4pm Friday September 25th to
10am Monday September 28th 2020
 at Sunny Brow Farm

Retreat Price £425
includes accommodation, meals and all sessions.

Join us for a deep weekend retreat woven from the energies of the Autumn Equinox. Enjoy earthy yoga, massage to unwind and ceremonies to release and ground with Mother Earth.

Autumn is the beginning of our journey within where we seek strength and wisdoms to support us as we move through the darker months.

Find a space to connect with the light, honour your womanhood and celebrate your inner beauty. 


Sacred Womanhood; a mystery unfolding

Next retreat: November 6th - 9th 2020

An intense weekend retreat full of dream, vision and raw feminine energy. Beyond the roles we play, beyond gender, identity and archetype, lies the pulsating, organic power of the feminine. The feminine – that which gives us life, The feminine - that which turns potential into what is actual – makes dreams real.Join us for a powerful weekend retreat as we allow the feminine to claim us..


Next retreat: December 21st 2019

Day retreat cost: £85

This retreat offers you a chance to explore with the feminine in all her mystery. A day of honouring the ancestors, reaching beyond your sense of reality, and journeying deep inside.

Expect yoga, meditation, movement, sound and ceremony. Perfect if you feel ready to root deep into the feminine as she finds unique expression in you. Magic happens when women gather together. Let this circle of the feminine hold you as you see through the veil and accept your own divinity.

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