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Join us at Sunny Brow Farm for one of our yoga and holistic retreats. Plentiful yoga, meditation and retreat experiences to choose from. These are retreats where people gather together from their personal journey's for a week/weekend, sharing yoga sessions, wholesome food, holistic treatments and connection.  Book with a friend or family member or come on your own. We have selection of different retreats to choose from; they are all transformative experiences for you and your journey. A space for 'me time', to relax, to integrate, to rejuvenate, to process a life event, and/or to allow a focus on the next step within your life. In essence you will take home whatever you are needing at this moment. They run throughout the year, see below for all of the dates. The themes of our retreats vary but always link to the time of year, as part of Sunny Brow's beauty is that it is set in nature, and this connection can allow the unique gifts of each season to be present for you in the retreat.