Shakti's calling Women's Yoga & Meditation Retreat 

A women's yoga retreat with plentiful sessions filled with yoga, sound healing, meditation, inner dance, a personal sacred massage, and whole food organic meals. A retreat full of ways to connect to Shakti within and around you; the creative force and love of the universe. Perfect if you are looking for some inspiriation for your own spiritual practise and an opportunity to connect to the feminine divinity within yourself.


“When we practise yoga that fully expresses our consciousness as women, and gives us freedom to feel the powerful forces of our feminine energy, or yoni shakti, then the whole world changes for the good”

Extract from the book Yoni Shakti by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


Yoga for women is more than just a set of postures. It is enhancing our awareness and love for our bodies. It is softening us into a surrender into each posture , not pushing ourselves to beyond our limits to prove something. It is not a fight with the body, it is loving awareness.

With a particular focus on the feminine this retreat is perfect if you feel the need to connect more deeply with your yoga or inner life, both as a woman. Our experienced team offer transformative yoga, ritual massage, a sound bath and soulful meditation all held by the beautiful land at Sunny Brow Farm. You will leave revitalised and refreshed, with a new sense of connectedness to what matters most to you.


Included in retreat

7 Yoga and Meditation sessions including asana, jounreying, inner dance, ceremony, sound bath and yoga nidra, with a focus on the feminine. 
Daily nourishing meals made by Suzy (author of Conscious Cookery) and her team
4 nights in 5-star converted barn accommodation 
1.5 hours personal massage (more available for extra cost) 


Shakti's Love Women's Yoga Retreat 12th - 16th Sept (4 Nights/Midweek)

PriceFrom £425.00