Meet our team

The team here at Sunny Brow bring a beautiful weaving to our retreats. They are all individually dedicated to their own healing practises and passion for sharing their skills with others. They have their own unique paths, yet luckily, they have crossed with my own and the retreats here at Sunny Brow.  

Owner / Yoga / Holistic Therapist


Suzy is the owner of Sunny Brow , welcoming guests to enjoy the land barns and natural wellbeing facilities. 

She is a holistic therapist, yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and Macrobiotic counsellor and healing chef. 

Yoga teacher/Sound healing Therapist


Olivia is a musician, sound healer and yoga and meditation teacher.

Holistic Teacher / Facilitator 


Jane brings her amazing work to Sunny Brow during the Sacred Yoga retreats. She has a way with voice and energy that allows for deep understanding of who you are at your core. 


Holistic Therapist/Yoga/Facilitaor


Hanka has many years experience of working deeply with body and soul. Understanding both the physical body and the energy body allows for a depth of work that leaves you feeling connected and fully present after any session with her. 

Holistic Therapist / Yoga


Anna has worked as a Holistic and Beauty Therapist for over 18 years.  Her aim is to help with stress relief, relaxation, well being, and holistic health. She is a Yoga Teacher, qualifying in 2015, and specialises in Restorative Yoga.